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Hi Doc,

I do not know where to start so I am just going to start with “thank you very, very much”.

No one can believe that you came in on a Sunday for a major procedure on my friend Simon.
You are now beyondlegendary among our circle out here and are forever held with the utmost respect.

Is there anywhere that I could write a testimonial about/to you that would benefit your standing, etc.? It would be my pleasure.

Simon is the closest thing that I have to a brother and to see him in this kind of pain was killing me. Now, knowing Simon like I do, I knew that he was not
going to have this fixed because he does not acquiesce to things like this.

I remembered what it was like for me when I came to see you back in 2015 and I could see how much pain that he was in. He is the audio crew chief and knower
of all things out here so I decided for him, with management’s approval of course, that he was going to see someone.

I remembered how you took time out of your insanely busy and successful practice to take care of me and I said that you were the only one that would understand
and could possibly help out!

Our director of production, Ben Giller then called your office on Friday, November 30thand subsequently told me that the office was closed on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday.

I was not going to give up and I found your email address. Ben then emailed you and the rest is history.

You actually care about people and their state of being …I believe that you are aware of the gift that you have and you apply it selflessly.

Thank you so very much for taking care of my friend Simon.

With all respect,

– Dave Natale    Chief sound engineer,    Rolling Stones


“The teeth are lovely. People say, “You look so nice” – but they don’t say “oh, look at your teeth.” I call that perfect work! Thanks so much for your expert work and supporting me in getting this improvement completed. “




“Hello, having recently moved to Maryland for a new job, I am writing to request the transfer of my dental records to Dr. ….. in ……, Maryland. I hope that you will tell Dr. Johnson and Shelley that I have never had a better experience in dental care than they have provided for me, and that I will miss them (and the fish tank).”

– Thank you, A.S.



“Dr. Johnson: Mom and I wanted so much to thank you for the detailed, professional work you do. Over the years you have performed some artful and complex dental work for our entire family. Frankly, we are so accustomed to the quality of work you do that we take you for granted. In addition, we so appreciate your entire staff. They are friendly, helpful, talented and compliment your skills perfectly. You are all quite fabulous! Many, many thanks for all that you and your staff does so well.

– Alice and Janet M.



“To Dr. Johnson and Fabulous staff – I can’t thank you all enough for all the great work you have done to improve my teeth! When I first came in 5 months ago I was overwhelmed with all the work I needed done. I never expected I would start to enjoy and look forward to coming in your office to see all of you! You have been so kind and friendly and have taken a genuine interest in me. Thank you so much! I love my new smile!

– Lynette D.



“I have been a patient at Dr. Johnson’s office for twenty six years and would never go anywhere else. It’s obvious that he loves dentistry and takes much pride in his work.”

– Joe M.



“Dr. Johnson is very caring and always responsive to his patient’s needs.”

– Marie D.



“Dr. Johnson is great. He is thorough and takes time to explain exactly what he is going to do. I never thought going to the dentist would be on my ” Top 10″ list, but everyone in the office is so pleasant, I am looking forward to my next visit!”

– Liz B.



“Beautiful state of the art office! Very warm, welcoming and quite high tech.”

– James W.