4.5 X Magnification

Dr. Johnson likes the idea of magnification and lighting that he even bought these glasses for his hygienists !

Statim and Midmark Autoclave Sterilizers

Our office uses these fast and effective sterilizers for all instruments and handpieces. All instruments are placed in sterilization pouches and then run through the Midmark or the Statim sterilizers. The sterilized pouches are then opened for each patient.

4.5 X Magnification

Today’s detailed and precise dental care requires the use of magnification. Dr. Johnson’s eyeglasses have built-in binoculars that magnify the images he sees by 4.5 times. Using magnification of this power allows previously unobtainable precision.

Computerized Patient Chart

There is a computer in each treatment room and throughout the office. This allows your patient chart: digital x-rays,appointments, treatment plan,notes and photographs to be accessed anywhere in the office. Appointments can be scheduled from any treatment room so you do not have to wait at the front desk to schedule your next appointment.


Each treatment room has two computer monitors, one on the cabinet behind the patient, and one on the wall in front of the patient. The one in front of the patient has a diagonal length of 22″ ! We can show each patient a super-magnified view of their digital x-rays and/or the intra oral camera photos. The patient will always be able to “see what the doctor is talking about ”. VERY educational and informative !

Xeon Lighting

A high intensity spotlight is attached to the Doctor’s magnifying glasses and illuminates the exact area where he is working without glare in the patient’s eyes.